Christie Sharpe on Relationships

Christie on Relationships:

After Christie’s parents divorced when she was 18, and then having gone through her first serious relationship breakup at the age of 23, it sparked Christie to really want to understand how to attract the ‘right’ partner. It was then that her mother introduced her to various specialised authors and speakers including relationship and human behavior expert Dr John Demartini.

Christie spent four years learning and developing a new way of thinking and she made it her goal to master the art of creating healthy and balanced relationships in her life.

“After applying some of the methods I learnt, I started to become the ‘go-to person’ for relationship advice amongst my friends. My mantra is: if you can love yourself for who you are; master the art of communication, and learn to balance your emotions, then you can attract and have loving and lasting relationships.”

Today Christie is happily engaged to Channel Nine Television’s Wildlife Presenter, David Whitehill. Since their chance meeting on New Year’s Day 2009, the two have been together for close to four years.

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